Robbie’s Inspiration – my word for the year: Patience

Patience – a word, a theme, a feeling/emotion that we all need at the moment. Have a good chuckle at Robbie’s poem.

Robbie's inspiration

Several people in the blogosphere had selected a word to inspire them for 2022. One of the best such words I’ve encountered is curator shared by Marsh Ingrao of Always Write blog. You can read her post here:

Seeing as the bloggers have collective colluded to twist my rubber arm with regards to a wordy inspiration, I have chosen ‘Patience’. I shared my choice with my long suffering husband and, after he’d picked himself up off the floor after laughing himself silly, I composed this poem to keep me on the path of patient virtuousness:

Patience is not a virtue

Patience is not a virtue

within my repetoire

The opposite quite obvious

if I wrote my own memoir


I always speak so quickly

my colleagues are quite dazzled

Having to re-explain my thinking

Leaves me surprised and frazzled


“We only understood,” they say

“every fourth sentence that…

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