Isle of Arran: revolution, resolution, and… #humor #Scotland #ArranFerry

No one else like Barb!

Barb Taub

Revolution. Resolution. And…something else that starts with R and ends with ‘ion’… (Don’t laugh. This alliteration stuff is harder than it looks.)

Since last week, only a handful of ferries have run between Arran and the mainland. Yes, as islanders, we understand that weather and even a pandemic plays a part. But with a superannuated ferry fleet, replacement ferries more than five years overdue with no delivery in sight, cost overruns of hundreds of millions of pounds, and steadily increasing sailing cancellations, the situation is fast approaching desperate.

How superspreader events get started…

Our basic human rights…

My fellow islanders couldn’t get to the mainland (again) for medical appointments, urgent business, family meetings… Not to mention Costco, IKEA, or the mall. Groceries, fuel, mail, and other lifeline basics couldn’t be delivered.  There were no potatoes. POTATOES! That has got to constitute some kind of human rights violation. 

All mankind… being…

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