Waves Approaching

Looking forward to the sequel of Inside Out ( which I reviewed here: https://amzn.to/3oFixDN) A tongue in the cheek introduction to Making Waves from Thorne Moore.

Thorne Moore

I published my first science fiction novel, Inside Out, last year and I am now about to publish its sequel, Making Waves, following the fates of the idiots who travelled to Triton in the first book. As before, it is primarily a book about characters and how they respond to events, but naturally it is also about the events in question. Those events happen over 200 years in the future so, of course, they are pure fictional. But maybe they have echoes in our own past. I don’t think readers would find it difficult to recognise parallels.

The thing about science fiction (and fantasy too) is that it offers an opportunity to see things we already know and take for granted from a different angle, casting different shadows. It also offers an opportunity to portray strange and novel concepts grounded in people who are recognisably like us. Tolkien…

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2 thoughts on “Waves Approaching

  1. Great review, Judith! I love Inside Out and can’t recommend it highly enough to readers who love a beautifully crafted novel peopled with distinctive and relatable characters. It’s an exciting, emotional and gripping ride liberally sprinkled with humour. I just wish that more people were aware of it.


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