Setting the Scene

Fatal Collision! A new book well worth reading from Thorne More

Thorne Moore

Here is a cute kitten.

Right, now, having got your attention… what you really want to know about is my latest crime novel, Fatal Collision, published by Diamond Crime TODAY.

Fatal Collision is about an artist, Nicki Bryce, who has a tragedy to deal with – the death of her husband, killed by a drunk driver. She moves to a cottage on the Pembrokeshire coast, in an attempt to get over the trauma and associated complications, and it’s the Pembrokeshire coast that is the other major character in the book. More specifically, the north Pembrokeshire coast, overlooking Cardigan Bay.

Tregelli, the little harbour village that features in the book, is fictional, a bit like Sirius Black’s house in the Harry Potter stories. It has reality on either side, but you can’t quite see it as you pass in a boat (somewhere between Fishguard and Newport). On the other hand…

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