Smorgasbord Book Reviews – #Psychologicalthriller – Means to Deceive by Alex Craigie

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Delighted to share my review for the gripping psychological thriller Means to Deceive by Alex Craigie

About the book

Eighteen months ago, Gwen Meredith left the job she loved and came back to Pembrokeshire to help support her irritable and increasingly confused grandmother.
But someone is pursuing a vendetta against her.

As the attacks become more malicious, her old anxieties begin to build.
She’s attracted to her new neighbour who is keen to help…but can she trust him?

When those closest to her are threatened, her desperation mounts.
Who can she trust?

Gwen has a dark secret of her own.
Can she even trust herself?

My review for the book May 14th 2022

You know you are in the hands of a master storyteller when you are so engaged by the story that you want to reach in and offer hugs to the main character and some swift justice to…

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3 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Book Reviews – #Psychologicalthriller – Means to Deceive by Alex Craigie

  1. Many thanks for reblogging this, Judith! I hope your eye’s continuing to improve – it must have been so frustrating not to access your computer for so long. It’s lovely to see you pop up now and then, but don’t overdo it! xx


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