Granny or Wolf? Part II PLUS #BookReview~ Means to Deceive by Alex Craigie #Psychological Thriller #humor

Barb Taub

A very short thriller…
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How to tell a Granny from a Big Bad Wolf – Part II.

In my last post here, I explored what Little Red Riding Hood would look like as a thriller, using Christopher Booker’s metaplot theory. (You should read that post first: it will definitely be on the final.)

Now I’d like to see how some of the books I’ve been reading recently might fit into that theory. First up is the psychological thriller, where it’s not so much what the characters do but why they do it.

In the fairytale, if it turns out that Granny actually died in her sleep years ago but Red’s Mom and the Woodsman have been gaslighting her by sending her to visit ‘Granny’ when Red keeps having flashbacks to the funeral, all so Mom can get her hands on Red’s inheritance, it’s a Psychological…

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