Holiday adventure and the worst thing… #Gigha #Scotland #travel

Barb Taub

One of the first things you learn about Scotland is to drop everything and take advantage of great weather. One of the second things is not to wait for great weather. Yesterday, we did both. It was a holiday weekend thanks to the Queen’s Jubilee in honor of her 70-year reign.

We went out to lunch. It took the whole day. I woke a shocked Hub before breakfast and told him the azaleas were in bloom at Achamore Gardens on the tiny island of Gigha. I gave him 30 minutes before we had to leave to make the ferry at Lochranza, on the north end of Arran. It wasn’t pretty, but to my amazement, we made it into the second-to-last slot for the small ferry to Claonaig on the mainland.

We drove across the Kintyre peninsula to the even smaller Gigha ferry, arriving with plenty of time to see the…

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