Guest Feature – Joy M. Lilley

Patricia M Osborne

Something a little different today. Author, Joy M. Lilley has recently returned from a cruise and she was inspired by the sights in Italy that she wanted to share on Patricia’s Pen. Hope you enjoy.


Joy M. Lilley

A recent trip away with my other half prompted the writing of this piece. We were on a long-awaited cruise. Cancelled twice because of Covid-19. The trip took us over 786 nautical miles from Southampton docks to Rome and back. We visited seven countries, including; The Vatican City, areas of Spain, France and Italy. It is two sightings in Italy I wish to focus on. The first being The Field of Miracles where we found The Leaning Tower of Pisa and the second, the Vatican City, sitting in the capitol, Rome. These two places made the most impression on me.

Pisa is in the Provence of Tuscany…

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