How to take a grownup summer #holiday. By Barb’s dog Peri. #ThrowbackThursday #humor

Just a hint of what’s to come with Barb’s next book. Wonderful!!

Barb Taub

Note from my dog Peri: 

This is an excerpt from my upcoming book about my travel adventures with Barb.

It started the night Barb sat bolt upright in bed and reached over to shake the Hub. “Sorry,” he muttered automatically. 

She was suspicious.”For what?” 

“For whatever you’re shaking me about.” (He’s an experienced husband, even half asleep.)

“No, I just realized something.” She waited. “Aren’t you going to ask what?” Snoring was the only answer from the other occupant of the marital bed. 

Barb turned to me, the one person who always agrees with her. “Peri, I just realized something. Child #4 has graduated and moved to another continent to start her first job. For the first time in more than three decades, we’re free! We can go anyplace we want. We only need to rent one hotel room and we can drink too much, spend…

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