The Cold Dead Hand of the Written Word

Thorne Moore

The pen is mightier than the sword. There is an element of truth in that. The moment words are written down, they somehow acquire a power that can be quite overwhelming, as if they instantly become Fact. “I read somewhere…” “The newspaper say…” “Look, it’s written here in black and white…” Written words can be quoted as absolute proof of utter nonsense.

I listened to a US senator being interviewed on the radio the other day, on the subject of gun control, and he explained to us poor benighted Brits that the USA has a thing called a Constitution. Which is true. It does. It has a written constitution. We also have a constitution but it isn’t confined in a single document that must be regarded as carved in stone for all time.

The US Constitution was written in 1789, when a very new country was striving to establish itself…

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4 thoughts on “The Cold Dead Hand of the Written Word

  1. Excellent share from Thorne, Judith. Nothing like living in the 1700s and going backwards. A good time to remember I’m a proud Canadian with rights – and no guns! ❤


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