Pants and Plots – Thorne Moore

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In this weeks blog Crime Cymru’s Thorne Moore answers one of the regular questions authors have to field. Needless to say we all have a different spin on the answer – sounds confusing? – read on……

Pants and Plots

It’s a question that authors always get asked. Are you a pantser or a plotter? For the first few times I was asked, I could only gape like a fish out of water because I had no idea what it meant. It’s one of those terms, like WIP, that were a mystery to me when I first got to know other writers. Why were they all obsessed with having whips? Was a pantser anything like a planter? Or even better, a panther?

I’ve got it figured now. Plotter or pantser. Is your book planned like a military operation, every chapter defined, every character filed with full biography, every detail plotted in…

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