Henllan Bridge Prisoner of War Camp 30, part 2

Thorne Moore

Henllan Camp 30 finally closed its gates on April… 1948, the last prisoners being transported to other camps.

The reports by the re-education inspectors always list the senior British officers at the camp. As well as Lt.Col. E.C. Barton, the commandant, the British Staff sergeants are singled out for mention in several reports, with interestingly mixed results.

S/Sgt Interpreter W.P Templeton, although not personally interested in re-education, did everything to facilitate my work. S/Sgt Engel is very intelligent and helpful. He has now taken re-education into his own hands but, unfortunately, he is going to be demobilized at the beginning of November.”

In the next report “Of the two S/Sergeants, S/Sgt Templeton is by far the better of the two. He takes some interest in re-education and visits the hostels regularly. S/Sgt Engels is quite useless.

Did the inspectors visiting the camp really take on board…

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