That day I got old. #humor #senior #medical

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Barb Taub

Someone has obviously made a big mistake here…

In the early days of the pandemic, I  told my daughter I was making facemasks to distribute to vulnerable neighbors. 

Me: We have to pull together to make sure vulnerable people are safe.

Daughter: Mama, you do know YOU’RE one of the vulnerable.

Me: !!!!

Well, I took a happy trip up the River Denial, and managed to convince myself a mistake had been made with that one. It lasted until last weekend when a nurse sat down with me at Crosshouse Hospital (see that storyhere) to fill out the intake form. Only… somehow there were a lot of new things she wanted to know.

Gone were the questions about my units of alcohol, tobacco, and drug consumption, my chances of being pregnant, and other exciting lifestyle commentaries. Instead, she had very different concerns.

Nurse: What…

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5 thoughts on “That day I got old. #humor #senior #medical

  1. Great to see this again! Barb can take an idea and run with it, scattering fizzing one-liners as she goes. She always lifts my spirits. ♥♥


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