Places in our Memories: With D. G Kaye #MondayBlogs #Memories

There are places that remain in our memories, the details may become slightly blurred, nostalgia may colour our thoughts, but they don’t fade. And how those places made us feel at the time is the one thing that remains.

Today I’m welcoming Debby Kaye, one of my online friends whom I seem to have known forever, and who is going to tell us about one of her forever memories.

Thank you so much Judith for inviting me over today to share a fleeting memory so dear to my heart.

A memory is a snapshot in one moment of time that locks in a forever imprint engraved in our minds and hearts.

Forever moments are the forever memories that will continue to live with us long after they occurred. All memories aren’t always good ones, but they are there despite, to remind of places we have been to and mark events experienced in our lives. To live on peacefully, it’s the happy memories we choose to keep at the forefront of our minds.

Having recently lost the love of my life, my beloved husband, I’ve been working diligently to push the tragic moments of the last few months of his life from my forefront of videos playing on in my head, instead, trying hard to focus on the so very many good times in our life together. Besides the many milestones of beautiful events that stick out in my mind, sometimes it’s just the simple moments we remember most clearly that can warm our hearts.

Memories. As I sit here right now and think of him in this moment, I’m listening to the sound of a riding mower in the back park of my condo; it took me back to a simple moment of just one of our happiest times when life was good and simple where I’d drink my second cup of coffee on a Sunday morning after our breakfast together and my hubby would put on his big straw hat and Wellie boots, and hop on his big John Deere riding mower and circle the trees in our vast back yard, complete with one of his favorite Cuban cigars hanging from his mouth as he proudly trimmed his pride and joy, his green grass he laid, mostly by himself at our beautiful newly built home. He’d notice me watching as I sipped my coffee in front of the big kitchen patio window, and he’d give me his special wink full of love and acknowledgment of our perfect life. His smiling eyes could tell me so much.

Oh, what I wouldn’t give to be able to transport back to one of those what seemed ordinary Sundays that turned out to be not so ordinary, but a beautiful reminder of love and joy in simplicity. Those were the days most of us think were unremarkable, but just another day. Looking back at that snapshot of bliss taken for granted, I can see how those were far from ordinary days, but a culmination of days that were part of a patched quilt of days which became the pattern of a happy life together. ©DGKaye2022

76 thoughts on “Places in our Memories: With D. G Kaye #MondayBlogs #Memories

  1. Oh Debby, that brought tears to my eyes. I am so, so sorry for you having to deal with this overwhelming loss. I know just what you mean – it’s those little every day things, the moments that are just the two of you, living your happy life.

    Of course there are no words that can take the pain away, and nothing can fill the space he has left but I hope other elements of your life will bring you joy as you learn how to live with it … thinking of you. xx

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  2. This is beautiful, Debby, and a reminder of the important times when ‘life was good and simple’. Your pain must be overwhelming at times, but these good memories are there and I hope they increasingly bring you comfort. xx

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  3. Debby, life is cruel, but thanksfully we can store memories in physcical materials and in our minds. I often stop and look and think, ‘hold this moment because it never lasts,’ and I do that all the time with the love of my life. Just in case… thanks ladies, touching and thought-provoking.

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  5. I’ve heard so much about Debby’s husband, and about how hard things have been since his passing. It is beautiful to be able to recall and share such wonderful memories of moments that, as she says, seemed unimportant and every day at the time. But those are the moments that accumulate and make for a truly happy life. Thanks to Debby for sharing her wonderful memories with us. We all feel her loss keenly. Big hugs to her and thanks, Judith, for hosting this series.

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  6. Debby & Judith, I was here yesterday or the day before.
    Sometimes words evade me, and I know how much grief Debby is in.
    She is very brave to share these memories, and I believe it is a way to embrace our grief, before it smothers us with its embrace.
    Wonderful memories!
    Thank you!

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  7. What a special memory, Debby. One you will always cherish. It’s a lesson for us all to enjoy these precious moments and build special memories. “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” Robert Brault Sending love and hugs. xo


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