O My Dog! #humor #PandemicTherapist #dogs

Barb Taub

EXCERPT FROM O MY DOG!  By Peri Taub, PTWP (Pandemic Therapist With Paws)

PLEASE JOIN PERI’S BETA READER TEAM! I realized my little dog Peri was my pandemic therapist, and probably the reason I made it through the pandemic without doing jail time. She deserved to tell her side of the story. A (somewhat) drafty first version is available, and I’m asking for your help. If anyone is interested in joining Peri’s beta reader team, I’d love to send you her story and hear your comments/suggestions. Please add a comment below or click here to send email.

Like most normal people of the canine persuasion, I loved the lockdown. Our humans had to stay with us 24/7 AND the only way they could get out was by taking us for walks. Barb is a writer, so working from home in the yoga pants and sweatshirt she wore to bed…

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