Five on Friday with Gráinne Murphy @GraMurphy

Five on Friday with Gráinne Murphy @GraMurphy Only two days late … which, for me, is quite good these days. And, having read the blurb on Grainne’s books, have bought Winter People. And so the TBR pile… topples. But, hey, always have something to look forward to, I say!

Jill's Book Cafe

Today I’m delighted to feature author Gráinne Murphy. Gráinne’s debut novel, Where the Edge Is, was published in 2020 by Legend Press, followed by The Ghostlights in 2021. Her third novel, Winter People, was published in October 2022, also with Legend Press. Winter People started life as a short story, Further West, which was longlisted for the Sunday Times Audible Short Story Award in 2021.

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