A writer’s dog looks at New Year’s Eve. #humor #dog #NewYear’sEve

For all those dreading the next day or so… Just sharing!!

Barb Taub

NOTE from Barb: The following excerpt from my upcoming book, OMD!, is told from the point of view of my pandemic therapist dog, Peri Taub. In this episode, Peri reflects  on British crisps, holiday celebrations, and New Year’s Eve parties.

The Writer’s Pandemic Therapist Dog: it’s a tough job, but some dog’s gotta do it…

By Peri Taub ▼(´ᴥ`)▼

Pandemic-imposed isolation was hard for most humans. For some it was a nightmare. But for introverts? I know something about this, because Barb came from a family of engineers.*

*[Translation: Engineers are people who believe calculus occurs in the real world, are fluent in at least a dozen programming languages but can’t write in English, and their idea of a perfect job is one which never involves those other… you know… humans.]

Barb’s daughter said she had never been happier than WFH (Working From Home) during quarantine. Her brother-in-law insisted…

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4 thoughts on “A writer’s dog looks at New Year’s Eve. #humor #dog #NewYear’sEve

  1. Thanks for this, Judith. Barb always, always raises the spirits! Here’s to a great 2023 – and one that recognises the talents of both of you and shouts it out – sod the quiet stuff, even introverts need to be properly appreciated! xx


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