Bethulia and Otto

Thorne Moore

This is Otto, and he has a significant role in my new novel, Bethulia.

Okay, when I say he’s Otto, that’s my name for him. He is actually “The Teifi Otter” and he was presented to the town of Cardigan on the Teifi estuary by David Bellamy on behalf of the Dyfed Wildlife Trust, to celebrate its golden jubilee. He guards the old bridge across the river and has been known to wear a scarf and bobble hat in cold weather.

And when I say he has a significant role in Bethulia… well, he does, even though he receives only a couple of passing mentions.

Otters rank in my life with kingfishers and red squirrels. I am forever taking walks with people who suddenly stop, in a state of high excitement and declare “There’s an otter! (Or kingfisher/red squirrel),” and when I turn to see, it has gone…

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