Bethulia: Truly Unreliable.

Another winner from Thorne Moore!

Thorne Moore

In my first published novel, A Time For Silence, there are two parallel stories. One follows Sarah as she investigates the mystery of her grandparents. The other is the story of her grandmother Gwen. The first is littered with confusion, as Sarah misunderstands just about everything that she discovers. The second is the truth, as it happened. That is why I wrote Sarah’s story in the first person and Gwen’s in the third.

A third person narration can plant red herrings, of course, or most detective fiction wouldn’t work. But it cannot lie. A first person narrative can do anything.

I have employed the same… method? trick? device? in Bethulia, with two parallel stories.

Here is the scene set. Three girls, Alison, Danielle (Danny) and Judith (Jude) have grown up as sisters. Closer than sisters even, determined that nothing will ever separate them. But once they’re adults, hormones intervene…

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