Bethulia: out now.

Congratulations and good luck to Thorne Moore with Bethulia – a brilliant read. Well recommended

Thorne Moore

Well, here it is. Bethulia is officially launched today. My tenth novel – tenth published, that is, though probably my thirtieth in all. I’m venturing into new territory with this one. I mean geographical territory. I have set my previous books in West Wales, mostly north Pembrokeshire, where I live, and in Lyford which is a fictional version of Luton, where I used to live– oh and some set on one of Neptune’s moons. where I have never lived. This one is firmly on planet Earth, mostly in Oxfordshire, where I have… Have I ever mentioned that I was at St Anne’s College in Oxford, studying law?

If I have, I was both lying and telling the truth (something that features quite a lot in Bethulia). My headmaster at Sixth Form sent me there for a weekend introduction to Law, because he thought that was what I should study…

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