Guest Post – The Last Drive by John W. Howell #newbook

Elizabeth Gauffreau

Liz: I am delighted to welcome John Howell today to talk about his latest release, The Last Drive. I’ve been following John’s blog for several years now, and I always look forward to the humor in his posts.

John: I am so pleased to be with you today, Liz. Thank you for helping spread the word about The Last Drive. As an author, poet, academic advisor, teacher,  higher education administrator and navy wife you have certainly lived several lives. You have done all these things without having to reincarnate. Which brings up something this book is not. It is not about reincarnation. My characters get one kick at the can, so to speak, and whatever bed they made in this life they must lay in the next.

Here is the blurb and then we can get to a short excerpt from the book.

The Blurb

In the sequel to…

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