Hey, has anyone seen my… #travel #India #humor

Isn’t this wonderful!!?

Barb Taub

Everything changes. Except for what doesn’t…

(Click on image to check out our earlier India adventures!)

For the better part of the past decade, my two old friends and I have met up in India every January to explore a different part of an endless country. That all stopped with the pandemic three years ago. To our surprise, we’ve all made it through so far, so as always we had to push our luck and schedule our usual January trip.

As we were planning this year’s trip, I wondered what changes we would find in India, both over the three Covid years of our absence, and over the past decade of our India travels.

All honking, all the time…

To the absolute and utter amazement of just about everyone who knows us, the three of us arrived at the Chennai airport from the US, the UK, and Gujarat at approximately…

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