Guest Feature – Mick Arnold

A great post on Patricia’s Pen today with – Mick Arnold

Patricia M Osborne

I’m delighted to invite Mick Arnold back to Patricia’s Pen. This time to celebrate his brand-new release The Lumberjills. Mick blogs about this new book which is first in a series. Without further ado, it’s over to Mick.

The Lumberjills

Mick Arnold

Outside of the Armed Forces, the Civilian Services were of undoubted necessity to Great Britain’s contribution to winning World War Two. Most everyone will have heard of our women’s participation as air raid wardens, ambulance drivers, doctors and nurses, firewomen and, most famously, as land girls, part of the Women’s Land Army. Can you hold your hand to your heart and say you’ve heard of the ‘Women’s Timber Corps’?

Only created in 1942, they were formed along the lines of women who performed the same duties during World War One. As with the land army, these girls sometimes had difficulty in obtaining a billet, as there…

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