Bethulia – Thorne Moore

Crime Cymru

This week Crime Cymru’s Thorne Moore tells us about her new novel – Bethulia. For Thorne this marks a move into a new sub-genre of crime fiction – a bold move and I’m sure a successful one……

My latest crime fiction, Bethulia, breaks new ground for me, in that it is, almost, for the first and probably last time, a police procedural. Or at least it follows the investigation of a detective, Rosanna Quillan, but she is primarily driven by her private obsessions, rather than official duties. Her mother had been driven to suicide by domestic abuse, so she is determined to keep worrying at another case, the seemingly inexplicable suicide of another wife, Alison Delaney.

Alison is one of three women, with Danny and Jude, who were sworn sisters as girls, but their friendship has been put under strain by the arrival in their lives of Simon Delaney. The…

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3 thoughts on “Bethulia – Thorne Moore

  1. When I develop an antipathy as quickly as I did here to DS Gray, plus an unease about Delaney, and curiosity about Quilllan – I know I’m in the hands of a master storyteller.


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