Where will you drink your green beer?🍀 #St.Patrick’sDay #humor #Irish

Nothing to add… just read this from Barb

Barb Taub


When Irish eyes are smiling… It can be damn scary.I’ve been in Chicago when they dyed the river green. I’ve been Irish in Moscow at a giant St. Paddy’s Day street party. I’ve drunk green beer in San Francisco and (disturbingly) green wine in Italy. This year I’ll be in Ireland, if only for a few hours on a layover in Dublin. ☘️ But after three years of pandemic, I think the beer I’ll have this St. Pat’s day with family in Seattle might be the best of all. Here’s my usual Saint Patrick’s Day post to celebrate all being the same for a day, in a world where we so often fight about our differences. ☘️ Happy St. Patrick’s Day!☘️

This is the day we’re all Irish.

I remember the first time it happened to me. It was a lifetime ago that I landed in Ireland and…

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