Home by Choice #humor #dog #AmericanExpat

Barb Taub

Home is where the love, the spare tennis balls, and the dog bed are. — Peri

[Excerpt from upcoming book]

O M D!
(O My Dog) by Peri Taub, PTWP*
*Pandemic Therapist With Paws

As transcribed by her person Barb Taub (whose opposable thumbs might as well be useful for something besides opening dog food…)


Barb was gone. I’m a dog, so object permanence isn’t my strong suit. I couldn’t tell if she’d been gone a week or a lifetime, but she was definitely gone. The Hub and I would have been okay, except for the return of the Bad Thing. Those epileptic seizures I’d been having ever since we got to England were coming more and more frequently, sometimes several a day. The Hub and I went to visit Jeremy the Vet, who said we should try tranquilizers. Well, that’s what we thought he said. But his French…

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