Book 2 – Changing Patterns

changing patterns

In May 1950, Britain is still struggling with the hardships of rationing and the aftermath of the Second World War.

In this sequel to Pattern of Shadows the story continues of Mary Howarth, now the Matron of a small hospital in Wales, and Peter Schormann, a German ex-prisoner of war who she met when she was a nurse at the camp hospital. Peter has left his home country to be with her and they intend to marry but the memory of Frank Shuttleworth, an ex-boyfriend of Mary, continues to haunt them and there are many obstacles in their pursuit of happiness, not least of all, Mary’s family.

When tragedy first strikes Mary hopes it will unite them all but the story unfolds to reveal that each one of them is struggling with their own problems and it is only when evil enters all their lives that the whole family realise they must act together to save one of their own.

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