Where’s the Most Unusual Place You’ve Had a Book-Signing?

I arrive at my book-signing event to be greeted with a small table covered with an immaculate table cloth, my books already displayed, a notice announcing my presence  and, as always, a lovely vase of flowers as a centrepiece. The staff are friendly and chatty (today it’s Carolyn … and Sharon, complete with big smiles ). I already know them; after all I’ve been holding book-signings here for the last five years and I’ve been a customer of the shop for more years than I care to remember. Nothing unusual in that, I hear you say; we’ve all done events in stores we know. But this venue is special, this is our local chemist, Kilgetty Pharmacy. And, when first forced to admit to myself that I needed to go forth and sell, this was the second local event I was welcomed to.


Putting on a pose – me with Jane Gilbert (who owns the shop with her husband, Bart)

I’d talked with Jane about my writing for years (I’m not sure she ever thought I’d be published but she was always tremendously encouraging). Anyway, the day that Pattern of Shadows came out I couldn’t wait to show her. Without hesitation she asked, would I like to hold a book-signing in the shop. I was thrilled – thought there was nothing odd about appearing at a chemist. Up to date I’ve been four times, they’ve sold loads of my books,and I’ll be there again just before Christmas.

Kilgetty Pharmacy isn’t just a place where people go to have prescriptions filled; it’s an Aladdin’s cave of  goodies. It’s where I’ve bought gorgeous scarves and unusual handbags.  Husband tries to ban me from going into the  shop; the temptations to buy are always too strong!

And their claim to fame? In 2013, in a UK wide Easter  competition held by Bronley for the best window display, this chemist  won first prize. I believe the prize was a jolly to Paris for two of the staff!!





A few shots of the busy shop … er … well it was busy until I produced my mobile to take photos … then the staff scuttled off and customers disappeared. (I made the mistake of asking permission.) Hah!


Two kind ladies who did agree to pose, while looking for a present. There are treasures for all kinds of occasions: Engagements, Weddings, Births,, Birthdays (from one to a hundred years old!)) Celebrations of all kinds, Cards, Festive ornaments, Treats for pets, Treats for the birds in the garden … and … and …

Highlight of the day? No less than three sales  reps came in to sell their stock to the shop … and I sold  a signed copy of one of my books to  each of the . Yay!!


My thanks go to  Jane & Bart Gilbert, Carolyn Finlay,, Sharon, Val, Linda, Carolyn Jones,  Jane Goldsmith and Sue  for a great day. See you next time!

So, all you authors out there – a challenge! Where’s the most unusual place  you’ve held a book signing? Do please tell – with photos if possible!






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38 thoughts on “Where’s the Most Unusual Place You’ve Had a Book-Signing?

  1. Not a signing but a reading – on top of the Clints of Dromore in Dumfries & Galloway. I’d written poems as part of a collaborative project with a sculptor and one of his sculptures was at the very top so the audience and I had to get up there. It was so windy I’m not sure anyone could hear my words. It was great fun, though.

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    • Hi Anne, You could always have a small display and just stand up. I tend to wander around anyway, having a look at the lovely scarves (and usually buying) So, as you can see, don’t often make a huge profit!! Jx


  2. I haven’t done an organized booksigning yet Judith, but I know the time is nearing when I should be arranging something. I’m still practicing getting over stage fright, lol. 🙂 Good on you!

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    • Thanks Teagan – I actually bought a polka dot bag – and a scarf, and another. Probably spent more than I earned but who cares?!!! Just back from an event in the North of England at a forties ‘bit of a do’ Took loads of photos – then a ‘helpful’ friend deleted them by accident. (should that be helpful ‘ex-friend’? Hah!)

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      • Oh nooooo! I wonder if you could call tech support of your device… Just a thought. I’m sure you did all possible. So I’ll commiserate with you. I just lost a computer this morning after downloading Windows 10… It was old, slow, and needed to be retired (ha! but so am I!!!). I bought a new one months ago, but I hate the new one, so keep using the old one. That’s no longer an option… But all the nonsense took my entire day. Talk about a Monday…
        Mega hugs!

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