Of Thanks & Turkeys & Brave Cats …but NOT sweet potatoes…

Barb Taub

Giving thanks (again) for Thanksgiving

Oddly enough, here in the UK there isn’t much interest in celebrating the American Pilgrims’ survival of religious persecution and New England winters. So as I travel back to Scotland (where I’ll soon be making the traditional American dry turkey shreds), I’m making a list of the things I have to be thankful for this year:

  • You’d better believe I’m giving thanks that we’re not sitting on that band of snow blanketing parts of the US!
  • As we recover from this month’s unthinkable horror in Paris, Mali, and across the globe, I’m thankful for those such as Washington State’s Governor Jay Inslee, who refuses to join the majority of his fellow governors in further punishing refugees for the very actions they are fleeing
  • I’m grateful for the grace and humor of Belgians who responded to their government’s nationwide lockdown during the hunt for terrorists by tweeting

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