Mystery Mondays – Dianne Harman


DianneHarmanSince I’m contemplating to move further into the crime fiction genre, I’m launching a new Interview series. Who better to start off Mystery Mondays than the wonderful Dianne Harman, a woman whose writing I have followed and adored for years. Welcome back Dianne. Please tell my readers what type of crime fiction you write and why?

Cozy mystery. I like writing in this genre because it allows me to do a lot with dogs and food, plus I always include recipes. I’ve been fortunate to spend time I many cooking schools around the world, so it’s fun to have the action take place somewhere and then share recipes.

Did anyone influence you / encourage you to become a writer?

My husband. I wrote a book and put it in a drawer, happy that at least I’d done it. A week or so after I’d finished it, he asked if he could read…

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