Today With Colin R Parsons

Introducing the authors who will be at the Tenby Book Fair,, the first event of the Tenby Arts Festival .  I’m looking forward to having many more such chats over the next couple of months. 

So far I’ve interrogated interviewed Rebecca Bryn:, Thorne Moore: , Matt Johnson: , Christoph Fischer: , Sally Spedding:, Wendy Steele , Kathy MIles: and Carol Lovekin: And thanks to Thorne Moore for interviewing me:  Over the next few weeks I’ll be introducing the rest of the authors and I’ll also be showcasing the publishers who will be in attendance. There may also be a short chat with John and Fiona of who, as usual, will be filming the event.

Today I’m chatting to Colin R Parsons, Children’s author and an all round nice chap Colin is the organiser of the Rhondda Book Fair, to be held on Saturday 3rd September, this year.
 Colin R. Parsons
Hi Colin, and welcome.
 I’m glad to be here, Judith.
 Let’s start with a question that always intrigues me; what started you on your writing journey?
I used to write short stories (and still do). I got my youngest son’s English primary school teacher to proof read and edit them. She called my wife and I into a parent/teacher meeting one day. She told us that Ryan (my youngest) was falling behind with his English grades. He wasn’t reading enough (he played rugby and video games like most boys). She said, you write brilliant stories, and I edit them. Why don’t you write him a book? I did; Wizards’ Kingdom.
In 2015 Ryan got a 1st in Advertising and Brand Design.
Which writers inspired you?
There are many. I write sci-fi and fantasy so, C S Lewis, Tolkien, Neil Gaiman, Derek Landy, Kenneth Oppel. Many more.
What books have you written?
Wizards' KingdomWizards' Kingdom: Jarrak's DarknessThe Curious World Of Shelley Vendor: A mystery adventure book for 8/9/10/11The Curious World of Katie Hinge
Wizards' Kingdom: The Obelisk of AshmarThe Obelisk of Ashmar (Wizards' Kingdom Book 2)
Wizards’ Kingdom book 1.
The Obelisk of Ashmar book 2.
Jarrak’s Darkness book 3.
The Curious World of Shelley Vendor book 1.
The Curious World of Katie Hinge book 2.
IU-137 (ebook only).
Crank Tech One: Destruction
House of Darke
Welsh Celebrity Ghost Stories (anthology)
Death Trap (coming 2016)
Ghosted (coming 2016)
DISC Direct Interface Shadow Control (coming 2017)
What are you working on now?
I’m writing two adult novel’s – Villains, a Sherlock Holmes type novel, set in 2050 and The Reluctant Killer about a jealous stalker. But saying that I’ve at least three other projects in the background.
How are you publishing?
I’m a ‘Hybrid’ as I would call it. I’ve self published and I’m published traditionally too. I have an agent looking to sell translation rights to the Wizards’ Kingdom series. The three books I’ve coming soon, two are traditional and one I’m self publishing.
Have you a favourite phrase?
Luck is: preparation waiting for an opportunity.
What do you hate writing about?
Fight scenes, god I hate doing those. Choreographing a fight scene is the least favourite part of writing for me. Too complicated but, as a science fiction and fantasy author, it essential.
Where do you want to go from here?
I’m a full-time author, meaning I work doing paid school visits (presentations and workshops). As an writer I’m always looking for a big publisher to come my way with a big advance. I would love to have a movie made of one of my books.
 Find Colin and his Books here:

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  1. Yes, a fascinating opener from Colin. Reminds me of how Michael Murpurgo started, to entertain his class when he was a teacher…. Will definitely be buying some of his books for our granddaughter!


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