10 thoughts on “#ExcerptWeek – Pattern of Shadows by Judith Barrow

  1. Hi Judith, I read that on Marcia’s and thought it was really interesting. I thought you evoked a good period atmosphere. I come from oop north, West Riding, and lived in Lancs so always enjoy a good local read.

    A question. Did you choose the chapter for the excerpt? I ask because there were quite a few errors. Like Amazon Look Inside, a showcase piece needs to look good with minimal (preferably no) errors. I realise lots of people don’t notice them, others don’t care, and also that you’ve published three books. Maybe you might want to consider reproofing/re-editing it though, or asking your editor to take another look for you?

    And, I think the cover is great. Looks very professional.

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    • Ah yes, thank you for dropping by and you’re right. Quite a few errors. The publisher is proofreading again for another re-print. Let’s hope it’s right this time. They let me choose the covers for all three books of the trilogy; I think they go together well. Wriitng the prequel at the moment so hoping the cover fits in. Thanks again judith


      • Okeydoke, that’s good then, including an ebook update too?
        I’m a real cover person, I think a captivating one is still such a lure, and I did like yours for this book. I’ll have to check out your other two, but based on this, I’m sure they’ll be good. Best wishes with your prequel too. 🙂

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