#ExcerptWeek – Pattern of Shadows by Judith Barrow

With thanks to Marcia, Great to be part of her #Excerpt Week alongside so many brilliant authors. #SundayBlogShare

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Chapter 27

August 1944

The wedding party piled off the bus, a rowdy giggling crowd, leaving it almost empty.

‘That bus driver had a shock seeing us lot,’ Patrick laughed.

‘The conductor sent his best wishes,’ Mrs Winterbottom said to Jean, peering from under the brim of her hat which had been knocked crooked in the crush. She straightened it and followed at a sedate pace as they crowded into The Crown. The groom’s father was already there. He sat in his usual place in the corner of the room by the large stone fireplace, pint pot in hand. There was no fire in the hearth; instead a large aspidistra filled the space, Betty Green’s contribution to the celebrations.

It was a gloriously sunny day. Some of the guests, mostly Patrick’s workmates and a few off duty nurses from the hospital, collected their drinks from the bar and made their…

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10 thoughts on “#ExcerptWeek – Pattern of Shadows by Judith Barrow

  1. Hi Judith, I read that on Marcia’s and thought it was really interesting. I thought you evoked a good period atmosphere. I come from oop north, West Riding, and lived in Lancs so always enjoy a good local read.

    A question. Did you choose the chapter for the excerpt? I ask because there were quite a few errors. Like Amazon Look Inside, a showcase piece needs to look good with minimal (preferably no) errors. I realise lots of people don’t notice them, others don’t care, and also that you’ve published three books. Maybe you might want to consider reproofing/re-editing it though, or asking your editor to take another look for you?

    And, I think the cover is great. Looks very professional.

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    • Ah yes, thank you for dropping by and you’re right. Quite a few errors. The publisher is proofreading again for another re-print. Let’s hope it’s right this time. They let me choose the covers for all three books of the trilogy; I think they go together well. Wriitng the prequel at the moment so hoping the cover fits in. Thanks again judith


      • Okeydoke, that’s good then, including an ebook update too?
        I’m a real cover person, I think a captivating one is still such a lure, and I did like yours for this book. I’ll have to check out your other two, but based on this, I’m sure they’ll be good. Best wishes with your prequel too. 🙂

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