We Need to Talk about #Depression and #Antidepressants | The Last Krystallos

Pause for thought


This is an important post by Lisa Shambrooks,  a good friend and writing colleague of mine. You can meet her at the Carmarthen Book Fair
Saturday October 1st  at 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM
at the
St. Peter’s Civic Hall
1 Nott Square, SA31 1PG Carmarthen

Source: We Need to Talk about Depression and Antidepressants | The Last Krystallos

We Need to Talk about Depression and Antidepressants

Depression is ever growing in our society, for a number of reasons,
it’s time to lift the stigma and understand treatment.


I watched This Morning(UK Daytime Magazine show) last week and they had a phone in onDepression. They have phone ins every day on a huge variety of subjects, but that day it was depression and as they came to the item they explained that they had been utterly overwhelmed with phone calls, more than any other subject they…

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1 thought on “We Need to Talk about #Depression and #Antidepressants | The Last Krystallos

  1. This is a wonderful, clear and concise article. I’ve battled depression for decades – with the help of anti-depressants and psychotherapy – and though okay at the moment I’m always aware it lurks in the shadows ready to strike. It’s a dreadful, insidious thing and you’re not always aware it’s taking you over as it creeps into your life. Look back to a year ago and compare it with how you are now. If there’s a marked difference, seek help. Your GP will be sympathetic. And if you go down the anti-depressant road, don’t be scared off by the horror stories of adverse reactions – apart from a little nausea initially, I’ve never suffered from side effects. Ask for help and reclaim your life.


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