I am delighted to welcome the talented Saga writer Judith Barrow to talk about her novels – and in particuar, A Hundred Tiny Threads, published in August.

Today, Madalyn Morgan has been kind enough to host me on her website. I really enjoyed our chat, Madalyn. Thank you so much.

Madalyn Morgan

Thank you for agreeing to appear on my blog, Judith.

Thank you, Madalyn, it’s great to be here

Can you tell me about your novels – in particular, your latest, A Hundred Tiny Threads?

Well, my books are a family saga trilogy set around the lives of one main family, the Howarth’s, and they span over two decades. The protagonist is Mary Howarth who has two brothers, Tom, who is an imprisoned Conscientious Objector and Patrick, a reluctant Bevan Boy involved in black marketing. She also has a younger sister, the flighty, Ellen. And then there are the parents, Winifred and Bill.

I think of them as both love stories and life stories but they have been described as gritty. Some reviewers say they evoke a sense of time and place, others that they deal with issues that spread across the generations. They are the stories of the characters’ lives…

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