Six of One with Judith Barrow

Crime Cymru

In this feature, we ask our Crime Cymru authors to name six things that influenced their life and shaped them as a writer. This week, Wales Book of the Year Award shortlisted author Judith Barrow writes an extraordinarily powerfuland moving account of a harrowing childhood experience.

Six of One

One book:

As a young child I remember reading The Tree That Sat Down. I had to search for this online, my copy has long gone. Basically, it was about an enchanted forest where Judy (guess why I liked the book!) helps her granny run The Shop Under the Willow Tree. They sell all sorts of lovely things, such as boxes of wonderful dreams fastened with green ribbon. But then Sam and the charming Miss Smith, who is a witch in disguise, open a rival business. I think what struck me then, something I mulled over for quite a while…

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4 thoughts on “Six of One with Judith Barrow

  1. I found your post really impressive, Judith. I say this because I enjoyed all the points except the last, which was awful. Horrific enough as it was, I’m so glad you escaped an even worse horror!


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