Interesting thoughts on writing and the weather from Denise.

Story Empire

Hi SEers! Denise here to talk about the weather and writing. Do you have a season where you are more productive writing? When fall and winter hit, I am full of ideas and more motivated to write, except around the holidays. I call it the cozy factor.

The mood from the weather seeps into my writing. The gloomy settings or winter storms are an excellent fit for many of my stories. When writing a love story set in the summer, it might be easier to write it in the summer for inspiration. Not that it couldn’t be done any time of year, but the outside influence might work better for creating a story.

Some people dislike the winter and love summer, while others prefer the cold over the heat. When someone is happy, the creativity might flow more efficiently when the setting is pleasant. I dislike the heat and thrive…

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