Funerals are Strange Occasions… Well, I Think So.

Ten years ago, at eleven o’clock, on the eleventh of the eleven, it was my mum’s funeral. I still miss her. This is my memory of that day

Judith Barrow


My Mum

It’s four years since Mum died. My sister arranged the funeral for eleven o’clock today. This is a post I wrote shortly afterwards. The relationship between Mum and me, and the one between her and my sister, proved so very different. There’s nothing wrong in that, but at no time was it more obvious than on that day…

I wrote…

I haven’t been online much over the last few months; my mother had been on end of life care for over a year and she passed away peacefully three weeks ago. It’s been adifficult time, both for her and for all the family. There have been many occasions when I’ve wished her at peace. Now she is.

I didn’t intend to write anything publicly about this.But something happened after she died that made me think and to remember a piece I wrote some years ago on motherhood…

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5 thoughts on “Funerals are Strange Occasions… Well, I Think So.

  1. A beautiful telling Judith. I totally understand what you wrote. Each child sees their parent differently. Oddly though, your sister didn’t collaborate with you on what should be said. That part must have hurt. Ironically, my parents’ wedding anniversary was Nov. 11th.
    Hugs my friend. ❤ xx


    • Thank you, Debby. The date and time totally bemused me. My sister’s need to have complete control of everything is something I was always used to. I stepped away a long time ago. I wonder why a wedding as well?! Strange choice. xx


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